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Why Are Your Doors Hard to Open? The Surprising Culprit

As homeowners, we often encounter small issues that gradually become noticeable over time. One such issue is doors becoming increasingly difficult to open. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, this problem can be frustrating and perplexing. You might wonder why a door that once swung open effortlessly now requires a bit of force. If you’re experiencing this in your home, especially if you’re a pet owner, the surprising culprit might just be closer than you think. In this blog post, we’ll explore why your doors might be getting harder to open and how a professional handyman in New Orleans can help you solve this issue.

The Mystery of the Stiff Doors

Imagine walking through your home and noticing that one or more of your doors are becoming harder to open. They aren’t stuck, but they no longer move with the ease they once did. There’s no squeaking sound, but they seem to resist your attempts to open or close them smoothly. This gradual stiffening can be puzzling, especially if all the doors were functioning perfectly before.

Common Causes of Door Stiffness

Several factors can contribute to doors becoming difficult to open. Humidity, for instance, can cause wooden doors to swell, while wear and tear over time can lead to misalignment. However, there’s a less obvious, yet common reason that might be causing this issue in your home: your pets.

The Role of Your Feline Friends

Cats are curious creatures, often exploring every nook and cranny of their environment. If you own a cat, it’s likely that they’ve been on your doors and door hinges. Cats love to rub against things, and their favorite rubbing spots often include door frames and hinges. While this behavior might seem harmless, it can lead to a buildup of fur, dander, and oils on the hinges, especially the bottom one. Over time, this can cause the hinges to corrode or rust, making the door harder to open.

Identifying the Problem

To determine if your cat is the culprit, take a close look at your door hinges. If all the hinges look fine except for the bottom one, which appears corroded or rusty, then it’s a clear sign. The accumulation of your cat’s fur and oils can attract dust and moisture, accelerating the corrosion process.

The Solution

While it might be tempting to blame your feline friend, there are practical solutions to this problem. First, clean the affected hinge thoroughly. You can use a combination of warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush to remove any buildup. If the hinge is heavily corroded, consider replacing it with a new one. Regular maintenance, such as lubricating the hinges with a suitable oil, can also help prevent future issues.

When to Call a Professional Handyman in New Orleans

If the problem persists or if you’re unsure how to handle it, calling a professional handyman in New Orleans is a wise choice. A skilled handyman can assess the situation, clean or replace the corroded hinges, and ensure that all your doors are functioning smoothly. They can also provide tips on preventing similar issues in the future, helping you maintain the comfort and functionality of your home.


Stiff doors can be an unexpected annoyance in any household. While pets, particularly cats, might contribute to the problem, it’s important to address the issue promptly. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent door hinges from corroding, but if you’re facing persistent difficulties, a professional handyman in New Orleans can offer the expertise needed to resolve the issue efficiently. Don’t let a minor inconvenience disrupt your daily routine – take action today and keep your doors swinging freely.

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