Doors & Windows

Most energy loss comes doors and windows. So, If you want to save utilities, reduce drafts and dust, and improve the comfort of your home or office, doors and windows are a great place to start. Doors and windows are also key elements of your home or office curb appeal. We’ve all seen what a faded door or peeling window frames do to the curb appeal of any building. Correcting these things is also very labor intensive and can be hazardous without proper equipment. How many horror stories have you heard about people on ladders?

From caulking and glazing, to refinish and paint, to repair and replacement, One Man and a Toolbox has licensed and skilled professionals to help you with the Door and Window needs of your home or office. Some of those are:

● Weather Stripping
● Caulking and sealing air leaks
● Replacing Glass
● Installation of Doors and Windows
● Repairs to doors, windows and frames
● Wood Rot Repairs
● Refinishing and repainting