New Orleans is filled with beautiful, old homes featuring unique styles that we want to remain part of our city. More than with modern homes, those old homes come many problems, such as deterioration and breakage. We are here to help! One Man and a Toolbox has licensed and skilled professionals who can tackle all of your carpentry needs. Whether it’s a smaller job like repairing wood rot or adding some molding, or larger ones like building a deck or working with cabinets, we have handymen on staff with many years experience in professional carpentry to deliver what you expect. Call us to talk about what you have in mind. Here are a few of our Carpentry specialties:

● Fencing
● Crown Molding
● Baseboards
● Door Casings
● Window Repair
● Door Repair
● Termite Damage
● Framing
● Shutters
● Shelving
● Decks (repair/building)
● Staining
● Ramps/Stairs
● Repairing Wood Rot
● Soffit/Fascia
● Siding Repair